Pork Rib and Carrot Herbal Soup

Large slices of carrots and other vegetables, together with a scattering of chopped nuts, decorate a broth at the bottom of which sit the succulent pork ribs. Tuck into it and the appearance doesn’t much matter because it’s so tasty to eat.

The vegetables are sweet. The meat is tender. The broth itself has a depth and an array of flavours. There’s the sense that this is a bowl of soup that will sooth and nourish at the same time.

But Pork Rib & Carrot Herbal Soup goes beyond that because, according to Chinese medicine, it can correct bodily imbalances and make you feel better. It all ties in with a Chinese concept called 'yeet hay' - which translates as ‘hot air’.

The idea is that some foods and drinks - such as fried dishes, spices, chocolate, pizza and fizzy beverages - can cause a person to become ‘hot’, which leads to physical conditions ranging from bad skin to mouth ulcers and sore throats.

Some foods and drinks can correct this condition and ‘cool’ the body. That’s where Chung Ying’s Pork Rib & Carrot Herbal Soup comes in, with its carefully chosen and traditional blend of ingredients.

Certainly, after a lunchtime bowl of this stuff following an evening of overindulging in Californian wines, I left Chung Ying Central feeling a whole lot perkier than when I walked in. And it tasted so good, too!


This blog was kindly written by our friend, Paul Fulford.