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  1. The choice is so extensive, the quality so an experience, the Chung Ying Gardens is truly delightful...
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  2. The kitchen offers plenty of crowd-pleasers of the sweet-and-sour variety, as well as delving into the realms of frogs' legs with bitter melon, shredded duck...
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  3. A “buzzy” sort of place .... “great dim sum”.... “always delivers” 
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  4. Everything Itchy has ever ordered has been delicious, delightfulThe AA and Which? Good Food guides frequently recommend this.
    Itchy Birmingham
  5. Many large Chinese groups are a testimony to the quality ... This one is the best with my partner’s approval too! ... Had such a good time… highly recommended ... I love it here. What else can I say?
    My Brum
  6. This is my favourite Chinese restaurant in Birmingham, and probably anywhere... Service was excellent! highly recommended! ... I was very pleased with the quality of the food ... I cannot recommend the place enough. ... I dare say that Chung Ying Garden ranks amongst the best in the country ... The quality of its dishes even surpasses that of many restaurants in Hong Kong! ... Food has always been very good to outstanding”
  7. Chung Ying Garden is one of the most established and the best.
    Top Table
  8. This Bustling, 20-year-old Birmingham institution seats 400 and has 400 dishes on the menu. Look out for steamed tripe with ginger and onion, crispy fried frog legs and claypot of eel and belly pork.