Do you think China and Chinese culture is weird or wonderful?

  1. Over 30 million people still live in caves in China - that’ll save on the electricity bill.
  2. You may think the UK is the home of football, but it is said that it was actually invented in Linzi, the capital of the ancient Chinese state of Qi.
  3. 80 billion pairs of chopsticks are produced annually.
    Emperor Tang of Shang
  4. Lets thank Emperor Tang of Shang for the invention of ice-cream! In China, it's origin dates back as far as 200 B.C., the Emperor instructed 94 ice men to make a dish consisting of buffalo milk, flour and camphor in the snow.
  5. We may be indebted to China for the invention of ice-cream, but the population of China should be thanking the UK too! Ping-pong is one of the most popular games in China, but it originated in Britain, where it’s called table tennis.
  6. Fortune cookies are not from China. They were invented in 1920 by a worker in the Ney Heong Noodle Factory in San Francisco - that was fortunate!
    Fortune cookies
  7. Brad Pitt is banned from entering China because of his role in the film ‘Seven Years in Tibet’ - we bet Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie love it there!
  8. It is said in popular legend that tea was discovered by the Chinese emperor Shennong in 2737 B.C. when a tea leaf fell into his boiling water. 

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