Please select the Chung Ying Restaurant you wish to dine at from the drop down box below or call the restaurant of your choice and don't forget to mention any special requirements to us and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Please ensure that you provide us with a valid email address and telephone number, so that we can send you a confirmation email and SMS also on the day of your dining you will receive reminder notification.

Please note as Chung Ying Central is a small venue, we will need a deposit to secure your booking for tables of 7 or more (please call 0121 4000 888 to pay the deposit after you have received the confirmation email or the restaurant will contact you for payment).

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  2. For parties larger than 20 guests please contact the restaurant of your choice directly.

    Our online reservation requires 24 hours notice, if you require reservation for today please contact the restaurant of your choice for availability.
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