Pork Rib and Carrot Herbal Soup

Large slices of carrots and other vegetables, together with a scattering of chopped nuts, decorate a broth at the bottom of which sit the succulent pork ribs. Tuck into it and the appearance doesn’t much matter because it’s so tasty to eat.

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  • Food preferences between the North and South of China differ significantly. 

  • There are up to 500 types of noodles in China alone.

  • Chopsticks are widely used as the Chinese traditionally considered knives and forks as violent.

Two Truths and a Lie: The Chung Ying Restaurant Group Edition


Food preferences between the North and South of China differ significantly.  

TRUE: In the North, wheat production is favoured because of the colder climate. As a result, food such as dumplings, steamed buns and noodles made from wheat are popular. However, in the South, rice and noodles rule, with them being consumed with nearly every meal!

At all three Chung Ying restaurants, you can enjoy both of these with a wide range of choices suited to all taste buds.

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Order from Chung Ying According to Your Horoscope

Aries – Dim Sum
As an Aries, you hate to be restricted, and that means you would rather sample our hundreds of varieties of dim sum, rather than settle on one main course! You’re all about speed – you don’t like waiting for your food, so you love how fast you can choose from our dim sum menu.


Taurus – Crispy belly pork
You’re a Taurus, which means that you have a phenomenal taste in both food and relationships, so bring your bae (or the person who you want to be your bae) down to one of the Chung Ying restaurants… the noodles have fallen in your favour when it comes to love! When you get here, we think the rich crispy belly pork will be right up your street!


Gemini – Sweet and sour chicken
Gemini’s are renowned for having two personalities, and others are never quite sure which one they will be confronted with on a given day. It only makes sense that a doubled up personality would love a dish with double the flavours! The duality of the Gemini pairs perfectly with our flavourful sweet and sour chicken combination. The four of you are perfect for each other!

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The JC Social Media team recently found out, Chung Ying Central offers more than fantastic authentic food and classic cocktails. We’ve partnered with Freax Adventures to present to you our interactive treasure hunt!

A reality experience that can be played by up to 140 people. Using GPS, you and your colleagues will search high and low through Birmingham’s bustling city centre, overcoming challenges with your teammates along the way.

Chung Ying Treasure Hunt

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Do you think China and Chinese culture is weird or wonderful?

  1. Over 30 million people still live in caves in China - that’ll save on the electricity bill.
  2. You may think the UK is the home of football, but it is said that it was actually invented in Linzi, the capital of the ancient Chinese state of Qi.
  3. 80 billion pairs of chopsticks are produced annually.
    Emperor Tang of Shang

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Year of the Rooster

Chinese New Year (a.k.a Lunar New Year/ Spring Festival) falls on January 28th 2017.

The date is determined by the lunisolar calendar, celebrated with intricate lanterns, fireworks and dances. But what you probably haven’t noticed, is the unusual amount of red used.

Why? A Chinese legend involving a mythical beast called "Year", who'd come out on New Year's Eve to harm adults, children and their animals. It was discovered that the "Year" was afraid of fire and the colour red. Therefore the villagers used red to help detract the mythical beast.

Nowadays, red symbolises luck and positivity – a sharp turn around from times past!

In-addition, married adults will gift red envelopes containing money to the younger generation. This giving of envelopes also takes place on birthdays and weddings – so in essence, the younger the better, but as you get older, it’s going to get expensive for you!

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Noodle Soup

As the days get shorter and the weather gets chillier, the need for warm, comforting food is even higher than usual! But don’t worry, there’s no need to despair, we have a diverse selection of noodle soups on Chung Ying Central’s Winter Lunch menu, to fill your belly and warm your bones!

For the history of noodle soups, we’ll need to get into our time machine and travel back all the way to the third century. These noodles were very different to our modern day favourites, they were usually made from little pieces of bread dough and thrown into boiling water to cook.

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