A delicious after thought which we often find tucked away at the bottom of our takeaway bags or traditioanlly delivered to us after a meal, the humble fortune cookie is always enjoyed and the fortune inside frequently pondered.

Fortune cookies are a delicious combination of sesame seed oil, vanilla, sugar and flour with a mysterious note inside which beholds a Chinese phrase, fortune or even a list of lottery numbers if you’re lucky.

The origins of fortune cookies are a mixed bag of stories, with many taking credit for their creation, all we know for certain is that it is a tradition that we intend to keep as our customers love the taste and love the messages entombed inside even more.

Are fortune cookies Chinese?

Actually, no. fortune cookies are not Chinese. In fact they're an American creation. More specifically from the state of California. Not only are they American, but the fortune cookie is relatively new to the table of Chinese cuisine. The fortune cookie was introduced in 1918. However, the real question is, do you believe in fortune cookies?