Everyone has their favourite Cantonese dish, whether it’s a type of dim sum, a noodle dish or a classic like sweet & sour.

Sometimes, though, it’s refreshing to try something new from a familiar face. Cue some Chung Ying favourites such as aromatic Chicken Feet in Black Bean sauce and delicious Steamed Turnip Paste.

Chinese dishes that only the brave should try

But not all dishes from Hong Kong have hit the mark! Suffice to say, these aren’t on our menus but here are several unusual foods that you can bet our hugely varied and exciting dishes will beat… every time.


Snake Soup

Exactly what is says on the metaphorical tin. However, you might be surprised to hear that it tastes like chicken!

Boiled with items like pork bones and spices, it’s a thick soup with plenty of flavour that’s very popular in Hong Kong during the winter months.


Silkworm Pupae

We’ve heard it being described as tasting like ‘crunchy feet’… who wouldn’t want to try that?! 

Apparently even frying and seasoning silkworm pupae doesn’t improve the taste of this particular delicacy. 



Everyone has heard of ying and yang right? Well, you might be surprised to hear that penis meat is said to increase your yang (virility).

Here’s a particularly disturbing fact for you… there are some restaurants which actually specialise in penis delicacies. Some serve it raw, just like sushi, whilst others cook it.


Turtle Jelly

Although it’s usually served as a dessert, turtle jelly is normally eaten due to its Chinese medicine qualities.

Even though the dish, made from the boiled down shells of turtles, is said to be good for your skin; we think we’ll stick to a British classic like strawberry jelly and ice cream thank you!

Okay, so they might not sound like your cup of tea, but trying different and unusual dishes is a fantastic experience and that’s why we love encouraging our customers to sample dishes they’ve never tried from our menu.

So, when you come in to see us at one of our restaurants next, don’t go straight to your all-time favourite Cantonese dish, spare a thought for unusual yet intriguing outcast that has wanted to join the party for so long but hasn’t had an invite yet!