Many of the ingredients used at Chung Ying Cantonese Restaurant can easily be changed to gluten free versions without any loss in quality as many gluten free versions of ingredients are readily available to us.

We use gluten free substitutes in the ingredients, eg. gluten free soy sauce. All our batter is made using potato starch and rice flour which are gluten free.

We have a separate gluten free menu with over 60 choices, in fact we think we might have the largest gluten free selection in the UK! View here - to see a sample of our gluten free menu.

Our most popular gluten free dishes include Thai Style Chicken Wings, Wafer Wrapped King Prawns and our Salt and Chilli options.

Chung Ying gluten free takeaway is also very popular with many customers re-ordering from our large gluten free takeaway menu here

This is an all gluten free takeaway ordered from Chung Ying.