Order from Chung Ying According to Your Horoscope

Aries – Dim Sum
As an Aries, you hate to be restricted, and that means you would rather sample our hundreds of varieties of dim sum, rather than settle on one main course! You’re all about speed – you don’t like waiting for your food, so you love how fast you can choose from our dim sum menu.


Taurus – Crispy belly pork
You’re a Taurus, which means that you have a phenomenal taste in both food and relationships, so bring your bae (or the person who you want to be your bae) down to one of the Chung Ying restaurants… the noodles have fallen in your favour when it comes to love! When you get here, we think the rich crispy belly pork will be right up your street!


Gemini – Sweet and sour chicken
Gemini’s are renowned for having two personalities, and others are never quite sure which one they will be confronted with on a given day. It only makes sense that a doubled up personality would love a dish with double the flavours! The duality of the Gemini pairs perfectly with our flavourful sweet and sour chicken combination. The four of you are perfect for each other!


Cancer – Set menu
As a cancer, you are a practical kind of person and should head straight to the set menu section! It makes the most sense… it’s the sensible option regardless of whether you’re eating alone, as a pair, or a larger group. Set menus are great value for money and offer you the best samples our menu has to offer!


Leo – Crispy aromatic duck
You’re faithful to what you like, rarely straying from your regular order. You will often order from new restaurants but order your go-to dishes, seeking out the best in your local area. Look no further, because Chung Ying promises your search is over. The ever-popular crispy aromatic duck is the perfect choice for you, but we won’t be too offended if you would rather order your usual!


Virgo – Yuk Shung
Virgos are easily disappointed but we just know you will appreciate the delicate craftsmanship required to make the perfect yuk shung lettuce wrap. As a creative individual, you’ll love layering the ingredients and appreciate the wrap’s deliciousness and the patience that goes into making them!


Libra – Egg fried rice                                   
Libra’s are indecisive, and you really only know that you want rice with whatever you end up getting. You’re likely to go halves with someone so you don’t have to stare endlessly at the menu while you decide what it is you really want! If it helps, we recommend any of our vegetarian dishes for you to pair with your standard rice order!


Scorpio – Fried lamb in hot and spicy sauce
As a Scorpio, you have to assert your dominance at the dinner table. The best and quickest way you know how to do this is by ordering something spicy. On the plus side, you can usually handle hot food so you very rarely wish you had reconsidered. We know you won’t regret the fried lamb in hot and spicy sauce! 


Sagittarius – Crispy shredded squid
As an open-minded Sagittarius, your Chinese order is always a little adventurous. You have no issues eating deep-fried squid whereas other people may have their reservations. That’s fine by you, though, because it means you get to enjoy your out-there food choices without having to share!


Capricorn – Fried fillet of beef Cantonese style
You’re a straightforward Capricorn, so you want something that you know you’re going to like. The fried fillet of beef is perfect for you – we even tell you how we’re going to cook it right there on the menu: Cantonese style! There’s no need to stray from what you know with this one!


Aquarius – Pineapple fried rice
You’re pretty eccentric, so even your rice order is a little unusual! You aren’t afraid to try something new, even if it sounds a little out there. You usually end up sacrificing half your meal to your curious friends who want to try what you ordered but were too cautious to order it themselves!


Pisces – Spare ribs
Pisces often seek support from others, and there’s no shame in that. You gain your confidence from the people closest to you, and you’re always the best version of yourself when you are with your friends and family. This is why our spare ribs are your food soul mate – they use the support of either salt & chilli or peking style in order to taste fabulous!